Yangtian’s bio page.
John Loren’s bio page.
The first annual conference for Handmade Hero and friends.
Speakers and times for HandmadeCon 2015
The ideas behind the Handmade Hero convention, its origins, and why it’s important for us to have a developer-centric convention.
Starting immediately after HandmadeCon, we will be releasing the first art pack for Handmade Hero.
Best. Coding. Con. Ever. At least until HandmadeCon 2016!
Everyone’s favorite Handmade Hero conference returns for a second year!
Video of the HandmadeCon 2015 session with Tommy Refenes.
Video of the HandmadeCon 2015 session with Mike Acton.
Video of the HandmadeCon 2015 session with Pat Wyatt.
Video of the HandmadeCon 2015 session with Jonathan Blow.
Video of the HandmadeCon 2015 session with Ron Gilbert
Anna Rettberg has come on to do the in-game artwork for Handmade Hero.
The artwork is coming along great, but Casey broke the show’s only microphone.
As part of the expanded world of Handmade Hero, you’ll get to meet a lot more of your fellow limbless orphans.
A brief look at the painstaking process involved in producing sprites for Handmade Hero.
HandmadeCon 2016 will feature a job fair where attendees can meet with members of prominent engine development teams.
The initial list of confirmed speakers for HandmadeCon 2016.
The session list for HandmadeCon 2016.
Casey reads a selection of contributed stories about changing careers to software development.
What interactive fiction is, and why we care about it.
How interactive fiction promised a world of possibilities in a way that modern games do not.
While it certainly didn’t help, the lack of robust input parsing was a minor annoyance compared to the real problem with interactive fiction.
Somewhere between Space Ace and Doom, interactivity begins.
How current attempts at interactive fiction fail to allow volitional play.
The current state of interactive fiction technology doesn’t even get us to Tic Tac Toe, let alone Chess.
Our ten-year plan to fight the dragon from the Colossal Cave and make volitional fiction a reality.
A meticulously curated selection of pressworthy resources.
Who we are as game developers, as people, and most importantly, as friends.
How we keep ourselves semi-functioning physically at the office
It’s true, we could use some feedback on how accessible our website is for you on your many devices!
There was a man. In a tree.
Your Brexit questions answered.
How to get news from us via messenger birds of various sizes.
His very first flight, from Molly Rocket headquarters straight to you.
Humphrey Bogart Pterodactyl prepares to take flight in Anna’s absence.
Something really big is coming down the pipe…
What could Humphrey be bringing to us next week?
Fear not — our blog will return, but on a less regular schedule.
The almost-true story of a life in organized crime during the Great Depression.
A brief look at the what makes the most established organized crime syndicates so different from ordinary criminals.
How the world’s longest-running institution of organized crime grew up around an ordinary citrus fruit.
A look at the Sicilian Mafia’s capital city
How the first wave of European immigration to New York City was instigated by a North American fungus.
In order to bring the performances in 1935 to life, we looked to cinema’s greatest talents.
How a combination of Irish immigration and New York City’s unique geography set the stage for Italian mafia rule.
As Irish immigration dwindled in the first half of the 20th century, Italian immigrants took the helm of organized crime and unified its disparate syndicates.