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Casey Muratori
Seattle, WA
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The Technician
A new novel about cats, dogs, and government hitmen.
In a decade of work as a government hit man, Michael Harrison has learned exactly how to deal with every life and death situation. . . or so he thought. But when a chronic illness forces him to enlist the services of dedicated altruist Emily Preston, they both find that matters of life and death might not be as simple as they once believed.
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The Technician is currently available electronically from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and will soon be available from additional vendors as well as in print form. You can sample the first two chapters at either site using anything that can read Kindle or Nook books. In fact, if you haven’t already, you can probably download a reader for Kindle or Nook on the very computer you’re using to view this page, or even just read the Kindle version directly in your web browser.
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