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No Imperfections Noted
A most dignified comedy, in three parts
No Imperfections Noted is an episodic fiction series composed of three novellas, each a “culinary cliffhanger” of sorts, centered around a lovably pompous food reviewer sent on the most trying tour of his life. The first episode arrived in May. The second and the third have not yet been released. Each episode is about half a novel’s length, so there will be no print run until after all three episodes are available as eBooks, at which point I’ll put out a single collected volume in print form. Apologies for the delay to those who prefer their stories the old-fashioned way!
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- Casey Muratori
2014 June 10
In the spring of 2011, Mycroft Pilsner Wellington, storied restaurant reviewer for the vaunted Wellington-Bloomwell Guide, was forced, largely against his will, to conduct his very first culinary tour of America. When excerpts from his daily diary entries were published as part of The Guide’s on-line promotional series, readers thrilled to the unexpectedly riveting culinary tale of a man constantly at war with his colleagues, his surroundings, and even his own haunted dreams.
The full set of entries was published in the Travelogue section of the 2012 guide, and became an instant classic in his native Great Britain. Now, two years later, this much-anticipated three-volume set marks the first time the complete text of all forty-two diary entries has been fully translated into American English for the enjoyment of a whole new audience of readers.
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