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Jeff and Casey Time
Casey Muratori
Seattle, WA
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Jeff and Casey Time
The rarefied exploits of two consummate gentlemen, not necessarily in chronological order.
Jeff and Casey Time is certainly the most bizarre project with which I’ve been involved. It began as a non-fiction podcast, mutated into a fiction podcast, and finally became an animated series about two socially dysfunctional guys whose disarming sincerity somehow excuses their disastrous ineptitude.
The show is structured in sets (books) of five-minute segments (chapters) which air weekly, with breaks between sets. All currently released chapters can be viewed on the Jeff and Casey Time website for free.
In addition to making the music and credits sequences, I play the titular Casey. It’s a truly hilarious experience for me every time we record, because I get to be the most ludicrous version of who I am in real life, and with the volume constantly turned to eleven.
- Casey Muratori
2011 May 12
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