Molly Rocket Privacy Policy
We hate violations of privacy.
A lot. So we are not one of those companies who posts a “privacy” policy that is actually designed to invade your privacy to the maximum extent allowed under the law.
We don’t hide nefarious stuff in pages of dense verbiage so you can’t find it. We want you to keep your privacy, and we try our best to help you. Our philosophy is that we shouldn’t store your information unless we absolutely require it to provide you a service you specifically requested.
Our privacy policy is just one paragraph:
Molly Rocket Privacy Policy
The only personal information we ever retain at Molly Rocket is your email address if you sign up for our mailing list. We do not store any other information with the email address, so we intentionally do not associate a name, IP address, geographical location, cookie, or usage profile with that email address. We never show, share, sell, or otherwise expose it to any other company for any reason except the one for which you provided it: to send out our mailing list. That means the only company whose computers can ever access our list is our mailing gateway provider, SparkPost, and they only access it at the time when the mailing list is being sent. They are certified under Privacy Shield, so we trust that they will never use this information for any purpose other than sending out our mail. If they ever do misuse it and we find out, we will discontinue using them and publicly post about it immediately.
We’re very serious about this policy.
We’re not kidding. We try very hard not to store anything about you, because most of the time, it’s simply not necessary to perform the services you request from Molly Rocket.
For example, even our Handmade Hero GitHub authenticator intentionally discards the username you authorize after the transaction is complete, and instead records only the fact that the authorization code was used so it cannot be used twice. Even though there is not much of a privacy concern in that information, we just feel better knowing that we never store anything other than that which is absolutely necessary. Since there’s no need to store any personal information in our GitHub authenticator, we just plain don’t!
We also make it easy for you to revoke permission.
If you sign up for our mailing list, we assume you might someday change your mind. So every mailing list email we send has an immediate “unsubscribe” link at the bottom that not only takes you off the mailing list immediately, but permanently prevents your email address from ever being added to the list again. One click on that link and you’re done  —  no “enter your email address to confirm”, no un-checking tons of boxes, no “this may take up to 7 days to process” nonsense. When you tell us you don’t want to receive our mail, we actually listen to you, and that’s the end of it.
Before you go, please be sure to check out the privacy policies of third-party services you might be using!
Since we’re a small developer, we don’t run anything sophisticated like a cloud computing service or payment processing system. We rely on the places that host our website and retail our products to do that. While we never give those companies any information about you, you might do so in the course of transacting business with them! So please take a moment to review their policies:
Our website is currently distributed via Google Firebase, and our videos are hosted on YouTube. That means they may be collecting statistics on who visits the site, and may be doing things like logging your IP address as you browse from site to site. We have no control over what Google might do here. We refuse to insert any tracking JavaScript or other invasive elements into our web pages, but their services receive your browsing requests directly, and that information is sufficient for them to perform tracking or inject JavaScript tracking elements without our knowledge or permission.
Our direct purchases are fulfilled by SendOwl, and when you purchase you have the option of paying via PayPal or Stripe. This means that some combination of these companies will receive the personal information you provide, such as your billing address and credit card information. We can promise you we will never use that information, but they have it as a result of the transaction, and are only bound by their privacy policies. So you may want to read up on them, and perhaps even use what you find there to decide whether to use PayPal or Stripe to complete your purchase  —  you may find one of them has a privacy policy you prefer to the other!
Our products may appear on third-party stores, such as Steam or Amazon. When you buy a product on a third-party store, they get your personal information, and they are only bound by their privacy policy. So before you buy from a third-party store, please be sure to find their privacy policy, and make sure it is acceptable to you! As with our other providers, we have no control over what they do with your personal information, and it is up to you to verify that they are trustworthy.