Meow the Infinite Holiday Sale 2020!
By Anna Rettberg
Casey Muratori
Last year, we were pleasantly surprised at the response to our Meow the Infinite Holiday Sale. Call it the “Meow the Infinite Holiday Sale 2019” if you will.
So you may be wondering, if last year’s sale went well, why are we doing this year’s sale at a completely different time? Last year’s was in December, and this year, it’s in November!
The answer is: shipping.
Last year, we only had digital versions of Meow the Infinite to offer. Here in 2020, it’s the future, and thanks to all the backers of our Meow the Infinite Kickstarter, we have a luxurious print edition to offer alongside the digital one. And they’re all on sale right now:
Softcover and Digital Editions
Softcover edition is one 192-page perfect-bound collection of chapters one through six
Digital edition includes PDFs of all chapters as they are released
Digital edition includes Art of Meow the Infinite PDF book
Digital edition includes wallpaper and avatar icon pack
Digital edition includes PDF print-at-home color book
We have no idea how delayed the postal service may be this holiday season, and we want to make sure anything you order has plenty of time to arrive. So we’re running our Meow sale early: from now until December 1st.
If you’re wondering what the difference is between the softcover and digital editions…
Well, obviously, there’s the part about the softcover edition being a softcover book, and the digital edition being a PDF. But you probably already knew that.
Content wise, the softcover is book one of Meow the Infinite, which collects chapters one through six in a 192-page bound volume. The digital edition, on the other hand, is the entire Meow the Infinite, which includes the in-progress chapters (seven through fifteen). So each time we finish a new chapter, your digital edition download page gets updated and you can download it and stay up-to-date with the story as it unfolds.
And speaking of new chapters…
… Chapter Seven is being uploaded as we speak! So everyone out there with the Digital edition of Meow the Infinite should be receive an update notification. Happy reading!