By Anna Rettberg
Casey Muratori
We had big plans for Meow the Infinite in 2020. We had prepared a super fancy print edition of Book One, we were scheduled to debut it at VanCAF, we had almost committed to a print run.
Then, all of a sudden, everything was canceled! Not just VanCAF, but all comic conventions within a five month radius of VanCAF, too.
This put us in a bit of a pickle  —  a sweet relish, perhaps, if you will, or a dill if you won’t  —  because if we printed our comic, we’d just have a giant stack of them sitting in the office. There’d be nowhere to sit. And having that capital expenditure on our books with literally zero sales prospects would have our Chief Feline Officer hissing like you would not believe.
CFOs can be like that.
So we decided to do the only thing you can do when you want to do something but you need other people to want you to do it at the same time because otherwise you end up with a giant stack of boxes in the office: we made a Kickstarter.
That’s right, you read that right  —  for the next 30 days, you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the very first Meow the Infinite print run:
How special is this? Well, it’s extraordinary, really, so extraordinary that we made an exquisitely fancy trailer using scenes from the comic:
And if that doesn’t convince you to hop on over to Kickstarter for the softcover edition of Meow the Infinite: Book One, well, I don’t know what will!
Actually, that’s not entirely true. I do know some more things that will  —  or at least, might: our series of awesome YouTube videos coming out over the course of the Kickstarter!
Yes, we’ve prepared a bunch of videos related to Meow the Infinite, all featuring the art of our very own Anna Rettberg. So be sure to check out our YouTube channel all month long!
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