HandmadeCon 2016 Speakers
The HandmadeCon 2016 speaker list is here!
And it’s real big this year. Because we’ve expanded HandmadeCon to two days, there’s lots more time to play with, so we’ve reached out to a whole bunch of great folks for this year’s lineup… but don’t worry, if you loved HandmadeCon 2015 but fear change, four of the five speakers will be returning. It’s like having a mini HandmadeCon 2015 inside your HandmadeCon 2016!
I’ll be posting a more complete session listing with descriptions when we get closer to conference time, but since everyone has been asking about it, I wanted to post the speaker list now.
Here’s the list of speakers, roughly in their order of appearance at the conference:
Fabian Giesen (RAD Game Tools)
Jeff Roberts (RAD Game Tools)
Jason Gregory (Naughty Dog)
Chris Butcher (Bungie)
Marco Koegler (Blizzard)
Emily Scherb (Pure Motion)
Chris Green (Valve)
John Miles
Sean Barrett (RAD Game Tools)
Chris Hecker (definition six)
Tommy Refenes (Team Meat)
Pat Wyatt (Amazon)
Jonathan Blow (Thekla)
Ron Gilbert (Terrible Toybox)
This year it took a lot of work to get final confirmations arranged, and believe it or not, there’s still a few potential speakers who we aren’t 100% confirmed with yet. So there could be another one or two additional speakers at the con. If we get last-minute confirmations, we’ll definitely make room!
Tickets are still available.
We’ve got a much bigger venue this year, so we’ve got room for more folks. If you’d like to attend HandmadeCon but don’t have tickets yet, you can find more details here, or purchase tickets right now using the handy-dandy ticket widget below:
(The Brown Paper Tickets widget should finish loading shortly... if for some reason it doesn't, click here to view the event directly on their site.)
The job fair is expanding, too.
As announced last week, HandmadeCon 2016 will feature a job fair! As of now, Bungie, Unity, Blizzard, Thekla, SpaceX, and Amazon will be there. We’re still working on official commitments from Valve, Epic, Ubisoft, id, and DICE, but it has been difficult to get final approval. If you or someone you know at one of these companies might be able to help us talk to the right people to get their presence approved for the job fair, please do email us!