Handmade Hero Art Progress
By Anna Rettberg
Casey Muratori
We are experiencing some “technical difficulties.”
As those of you who watch Handmade Hero know, I stream the entire thing through a phone headset that I plug into the computer. This works great, but unfortunately in trying to be thrifty, I also use that headset as my normal headset for listening to things when I’m out and about. Although we’ve gone over a year without incident, I was rock climbing on Saturday, listening to the Supreme Court oral argument audio, when the cruel hand of fate reached down from the heavens and yanked the cord on the headphones, permanently disconnecting the side with the microphone on it.
Now, granted, by “cruel hand of fate” I mean that I had the wire running inside my shirt, and I had pressed myself up against the wall in order to keep my balance, and then I moved a little too quickly to the side and the wire couldn’t move with me. But having done extensive reading on the Classics, I can assure you that this is the typical form the fates take. It has nothing to do with me not doing a good job running the wire somewhere that isn’t going to get snagged.
In fact, the original draft of Oedipus Rex contained the line “But the fates looked down ever present / reaching to grasp the headphone wire…” but Sophocles took it out in later revisions because  —  and I’m quoting here, albeit translated  —  “audiences didn’t seem to know what a headphone wire was.”
He was truly an author ahead of his time!
Anyway, the end result of all this high tragedy is that the show is on hold while we wait for another microphone to arrive in the mail. Hopefully next week things will be back up and operational.
In happier news, Anna has been going full steam ahead.
Her headphone wire having mercifully remained unmolested by the gods, Anna has been doing all sorts of great stuff on the project. She’s worked out how to do the top-down perspective while still capturing enough personality in the characters, done a bunch of work on how to make environments look good with the block-like tiling scheme, and refined the shading style so that it stands out well and keeps characters gameplay-readable against the background.
To give you a tiny peek at how things are coming, we’ve included some sprites in the header image of this post. These are unlit, since we have to run some more lighting tests before we’re sure exactly how they’ll look lit. As soon as we’re sure how that will go, we’ll post an update with some lit shots here as well.
Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next week, thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on the internet!