HandmadeCon 2015  —  Ron Gilbert
By Ron Gilbert
Neil Blakey-Milner
Casey Muratori
May was our month of high-resolution videos for HandmadeCon 2015. However, you’ll note that there were only four Mondays in May, but there were five speakers at HandmadeCon 2015. Well, this wasn’t an accident  —  unfortunately, only one of the video recordings for the fifth speaker, Ron Gilbert, survived, so we don’t have high-resolution video of his session. This was due mostly to camera overheating issues (we only had DSLRs to shoot the conference with, not real video cameras, and some of them have problems running for long periods of time). For HandmadeCon 2016, we’re hoping to have more funds for doing video recordings, so with any luck we’ll be able to use equipment this time around that’s more suitable for the task.
Regardless, Ron’s session was fantastic, so we wanted to post a stand-alone video of it nonetheless, so it’s easier to view by itself without watching the entire conference raw feed:
There’s so many crazy things in this session that you have to watch the whole thing to really appreciate them all, but some highlights include Ron independently reinventing Dijkstra's pathfinding algorithm, and LucasArts creating a dynamic code hot-loading system on the Commodore 64!
HandmadeCon 2016 is November 19th-20th.
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