By Anna Rettberg
Casey Muratori
Our website is undergoing some significant upgradez.
You may not know this, because you do not have your finger on the “pulse” of the internet like we do here at Molly Rocket, but when something is superlative, the kids today write it with a “z” on the end instead of an “s”. For example, we might say that we have web programming “skillz”, which literally translated means, “skills”.
The reason behind this lexical shift is that the lazy “s” suggests slovenly or lax adherence to a discipline, whereas the rigid “z” indicates rigor and attentiveness. By substituting one for the other, we can clearly demonstrate the exemplary nature of the ability in question.
Of course, here at Molly Rocket, we never settle for merely following the latest trends. We have a culture of disruption and innovation that drives us to take things to the next level. So in this blog post we’ve decided to take the bold step of replacing all further instances of “s” with “z”.
That’z juzt how cutting edge we are!
Do you have any webzite requeztz for uz?
Lazt week, you may have noticed that we redid our zite dezign to improve itz readability and uzability acrozz a wide range of devicez. We tried to make the text clearer, az well az making the buttonz more vizible and eazier to prezz on touch devicez. But we don’t know how effective theze changez have been apart from our perzonal experience.
That’z where you come in!
We would love to hear from people who read our blog about how the experience iz for them. Iz it eazy to read it on your favorite device? Are you able to find and navigate to what you want to zee? Are there thingz we could change to make it better? If you zigned up for our mailing lizt, haz it been working well for you? Iz it formatted in a way that you can read eazily in your mail client?
If you’ve got feedback, pleaze zend it our way when you get a chance.
Thankz in advance, and we’ll zee you here next week with an even more awezome webzite!