Announcing HandmadeHero Art Packs!
By Yangtian Li
Casey Muratori
Yes, that’s right folks  —  we’re getting pretty close in the development of Handmade Hero to the time when we’ll need real art assets to work with. Happily for us, that’s just what Yangtian has been working on while we’ve been engine coding. So we are very pleased to announce that December 5th we will be posting the first art pack for everyone who has pre-ordered Handmade Hero!
This art pack is a beautiful twelve-illustration set which will be used as a multiplane camera-style introductory sequence to the game. It will be packaged in the resource format we developed on the stream, ready to load into the game. When Handmade Hero resumes next week, I’ll be showing how to write some cutscene-playback code to bring it to life.
So don’t forget to download the pack from your SendOwl download page this weekend! And speaking of this weekend…
We will be attempting to stream HandmadeCon 2015 live on the Handmade Hero channel.
Yes, we may not be the most A/V savvy folks out there, but we are going to do our best to live-stream what is certain to be the game development event of the century, if not the millennium… the game development event of the celenium.
Never heard of a celenium? Well, it’s what you get when you don’t know how to spell, but still feel qualified to sell supplements on!
If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, and/or you don’t think that FDA approval is really all that important for nutritional products, then be sure to tune into the Handmade Hero channel on Twitch this Saturday at 10AM PST.
Until then, have fun programming, and I’ll see you all at HandmadeCon 2015!