The Swamps of Sorrow
By Anna Rettberg
Casey Muratori
There have been some nasty rumors going around that Anna being away for CTN has plunged the office into a deep depression, and that everyone including the Pterodactyl is too sad to work.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Everyone here is totally fine, everything is great, the office is a veritable playground filled with the imaginary laughter of imaginary children who are themselves imagining something even more joyous, but nobody knows what it is because there’s no way to look inside the mind of an imaginary child.
We simply don’t have that kind of technology, even at Molly Rocket.
But the point is, yes, Anna is away for CTN, but this has not in any way caused any sort of office depression. I cannot stress that enough. Things have been so productive, in fact, that we even found time on Friday for an office-wide screening of this jublilant film clip from the inaccurately named The Neverending Story:
In this clip, a young boy is wading through the Swamps of Sorrow with his horse, and the horse becomes so stricken with despair that it cannot move. Unable to restore the spirits of his wallowing horse, the young boy must watch helplessly as the deep depression of existence (in metaphorical swamp form) consumes his horse whole, never to be seen again.
Now, would you have such an obvious morale event as movie time at an office that wasn’t happy and cheerful? Of course not! So that should put an end to the discussion right there.
But if that weren’t enough, you can take a look at today’s blog image and see that Humphrey is about to take flight with an announcement! Could a depressed Pterodactyl do that? Certainly not!
And it’s all true, I assure you. There’s an announcement coming next Monday, just in time for HandmadeCon 2015. What could it be? You won’t get any spoilers out of Humphrey, so you’ll just have to tune in next Monday for the scoop.
Until then!