Announcing HandmadeCon 2015!
By Anna Rettberg
Casey Muratori
After 1.1 million views on YouTube and 2.7 million views on Twitch, it’s time for Handmade Hero to set its sights on a much, much larger number:
Just how big is the number 275? Nobody knows, really  —  it is a number so large The London Mathematical Society is still vigorously debating its existence. But even though its very scale defies comprehension by the mortal human intellect, we here at Molly Rocket are nonetheless endeavoring, for the very first time, to bring 275 people together  —  in one single location  —  for the conference to end all conferences: HandmadeCon 2015.
Well, to be more specific, I suppose it will not end all conferences. We would like to have a HandmadeCon 2016 as well, so let’s perhaps say it will be “the conference to end almost all conferences.”
But I digress. The point is, Handmade Hero now has a conference, and you can even buy one of the 275 tickets at Brown Paper Tickets right meow:
(The Brown Paper Tickets widget should finish loading shortly... if for some reason it doesn't, click here to view the event directly on their site.)
If you register before November 5th, there’s even a $10 discount. That’s like someone just straight up handing you $10 after you give them $45, and saying something like, “it was only $35, I think you gave me this extra ten by mistake,” and you saying something like, “oh, my bad, thanks for being honest about that, a lot of people would have kept the ten,” and them saying, “I was taught to value honesty and integrity from a young age.”
It’s the kind of interaction that lets you know everyone involved has a depth of character often lacking in today’s impersonal ticket buying transactions.
What is it?
HandmadeCon, like everything else on Handmade Hero, is designed and implemented entirely from scratch, and it’s meant to be totally different from a standard programming conference. Instead of PowerPoint slides and lectures, HandmadeCon is based around the experience of actually talking to great game developers face-to-face, the kind of conversations you have in person by happenstance at conferences that turn out to be much more interesting and valuable than the canned presentations that are nominally the conference content.
Each segment of HandmadeCon will be presented as a conversation between myself, your loyal host, and a noteworthy game programmer whose work in the field has been exemplary. These will all be people whose perspectives and techniques I myself am eager to learn about, and I will act as the audience’s proxy as we ask them about their past, present, and future projects, what part of their current work they’re most excited about, what problems they’re running into, and how they’re solving them.
In short, every hour of HandmadeCon is designed to be like the best hour you’ve had at a conference, that time you got to talk to a game developer you greatly admire and had a personal conversation with them about how it is they do what they do.
When is it?
Saturday, December 5th, 2015, from 10AM to 6PM PST.
If you have trouble remembering dates, don’t worry  —  this one’s a breeze! We’ve conveniently scheduled the conference to take place on everyone’s favorite family holiday, Krampusnacht. So just remember that HandmadeCon is on Krampusnacht, and you’ll instantly know it’s on December 5th.
Where is it?
Seattle, Washington, in the auditorium at the central branch of the Seattle Public Library:
It’s located in the “heart” of downtown Seattle, which is to say that if you were to place an imaginary anatomical diagram over Seattle, the most natural alignment would place the human heart directly over the Seattle Public Library.
Fun fact: that alignment also happens to put the anal sphincter right on top of the Microsoft campus  —  so with this mental model, that’s easy to find, too! It’s a really great way to remember where everything is in the greater Seattle metropolitan area.
How much does it cost?
Conference tickets cost $35 if you register before November 5th, and $45 afterward. All tickets must be purchased on-line at least one day prior to the event. We will not be set up for selling tickets at the door.
As with many parts of Handmade Hero, this conference is designed to be altruistic, so 100% of the ticket sales will be put back into the event. Any ticket revenue in excess of the cost of holding the event will go towards defraying travel costs for speakers or moderators. Molly Rocket will make no profit whatsoever from this event.
Will it be streamed?
At the moment, that is still to be determined. We have already asked Twitch to help us stream it live, since we do not have the expertise to do a live-streamed event. If they are able to do so, it will be streamed live. If not, then we will try to make sure it is video recorded so it will eventually be available on YouTube for people who cannot attend in person.
How do I find out more information?
We will be posting more information about the conference here on this blog over the next few weeks, including the complete speaker list and a discussion of the design of the conference. If you’d like to make sure you see these updates as they come, you can always use the footer on this page to sign up for our Humphrey Bogart Pterodactyl-couriered mailing list. He’ll deliver all Molly Rocket Monday blog posts straight to your inbox, no questions asked.
Until next Monday, thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on the Internets… and eventually at HandmadeCon 2015 as well!