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No Imperfections Noted
The Jeff and Casey Show
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Casey Muratori
Seattle, WA
Hide and Seek
"If you tell me something's a wrecking ball, and it turns out to be a nuclear device, you're fired."
Original air date: November 15th, 2013
Topics. Shatner in the Park. Darwin-filled dreams. Acting. Jimmy Buffet. Misunderstood war criminals. Patrolling Mediterranean shipping lanes. The skull of Yorick. Piaget’s helicopters. “Dolphing” buddies. 3D imaging with participating media. The plaid navy. Underwater wrecking balls. Autistic dolphin therapy. Happy Mullet Man’s recently legalized marijuana plantation. The charm necessary to raise a child. MRE pudding. Cutting off the guy who found the Titanic.
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casey muratori
the jeff and casey show - season 3 - episode 34