The Technician
No Imperfections Noted
The Jeff and Casey Show
Jeff and Casey Time
Casey Muratori
Seattle, WA
Seventy Wasted Hours of Your Life
"Really, you could have just stopped at episode two."
Original air date: February 10th, 2009
Topics. Penis massage robot. Giant inflatable dog turd. Jamba Juice. The Sun Ya Chinese Restaurant. SeaQuest DSV. Exotic animals as pets. Swedish animal sex ring. A Kick in the Testicles. Dogshit trail. Urinals. Angelina Jolie. Porn and parents, pastries, and pancakes. The Casey Show and the Jeff Show. The Van Halen Saga. BT-complete problems. The retarded gangster. The Microsoft Giant. Good/No good.
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casey muratori
the jeff and casey show - season 1 - episode 52