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Casey Muratori
Seattle, WA
Richard Attenborough Narrates a Porno
"If you go to church and you have the option of funding your preacher to look at porn, or him fucking your kids, I'd take the former."
Original air date: February 2nd, 2009
Topics. The Superbowl. Antivirus software. Divining rods. Age of consent. The Bible. Hydroponics. Richard Attenborough. Pornography. The porn economy. Cancer. Pastors. FBI strip club database. The phone closet. DSL installation. Lichen vs. Lycan. Blue filter cinematography. Underworld: Rise of the Lycan. SeaQuest DSV. Knight of Shadows. Norton Anti-Ghost. Good/No good. Vanity license plates. Mr. Wow. Harry Potter.
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casey muratori
the jeff and casey show - season 1 - episode 51