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No Imperfections Noted
The Jeff and Casey Show
Jeff and Casey Time
Casey Muratori
Seattle, WA
A Camaro that Doesn't Explode
"Bobby, you're fired. It's the fish."
Original air date: January 26th, 2009
Topics. Microsoft. Windows XP. OpenGL. Direct3D. Windows Vista. Windows 7. Windows Guru. Albert Einstein. Microsoft Priests. The Microsoft Priest Bar. The Windows taskbar. The Windows sidebar. Jump lists. Moving windows. Internet Explorer 8. Home Group. Touch monitors. Glossy screens. Visual Studio 2010. Downloading. Ubuntu. The big red ship button. Microsoft Visual Team System 2010. Explorers. Not better — just different. Direct2D. Immediate mode. Smart pointers. Lost surfaces. MSN Music. Debbie Gibson. DRM. SeaQuest DSV. Germ warfare. Nuclear warheads. Bob Ballard. Mexican stand-off.
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casey muratori
the jeff and casey show - season 1 - episode 50