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The Jeff and Casey Show
The Jeff and Casey Show is a weekly podcast by software developers Jeff Roberts and Casey Muratori that is, for lack of a better description, almost completely random. Often both meticulous and erroneous, somehow both offensive and compassionate, and always unorthodox, the one thing you can say for certain about The Jeff and Casey show is that there’s nothing else quite like it.
Series audio and video by Jeff Roberts and Casey Muratori
Accompanying illustrations by Nolan Fabricius
Audio assistance and occasional guest appearances by Sean Barrett
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season 4
episode 48. Dragon Fight
episode 47. The Free-to-Play ABA Problem
episode 46. A Desk Priced in Dollars and Empathy
episode 45. Almond-Scented Rats of the Evening
episode 44. A Failure in Every Dresser
episode 43. The Great Sperm Exodus
episode 42. Son of a Crap-shooter
episode 41. The Alcohol-Ambien-Melatonin-Nyquil Cocktail
episode 40. The Stuff of Sainthood
episode 39. The Tiger in You
episode 38. Urban Drapes, Rural Carpet
episode 37. Racism 4.01 Transitional
episode 36. Casey’s Hotness Hour
episode 35. A Big Plug for Christmas in Paris
episode 34. CrossFit with Jesus Christ
episode 33. Debugging the Autoblow 2
episode 32. The Slow-Thruster Achievement
episode 31. Navigating the Bomb Threat Phone Tree
episode 30. The Monkey Owns It
episode 29. Podcast Heroes
episode 28. Seastalker
episode 27. A World Without Sports or Commercials
episode 26. Viewer Mail
episode 25. The Starbucks Express Restraining Order
episode 24. Completely Unrelated Dinosaurs
episode 23. A Sloppy Kiss and a Hairy-Armed Hug
episode 22. The Orgasm Button
episode 21. The Secret Surprise
episode 20. An Environment Where We’re All Getting Blown
episode 19. The Wreck of the S.S. Ting-Tangler
episode 18. The Milky Climax
episode 17. The Stinky Dishwasher Situation
episode 16. Jeff and Casey’s Guide to Becomming a Bigger Programmer
episode 15. Jeff and Casey Island
episode 14. Racism 2.0
episode 13. A Virus in the Toilet
episode 12. The TED Singularity
episode 11. A Thousand Easy Paces
episode 10. The One Nun in the Whorehouse
episode 9. Free Willy and Moby Dick
episode 8. The Wolf Doesn’t Want to Come Anymore
episode 7. McGruff the Crime Dog
episode 6. Experiencing the World through Your Own Volition
episode 5. Capybara Rat Cruise
episode 4. The Internet of Things
episode 3. Exhuming the Body
episode 2. Swimming with the Sharks
episode 1. Jeff’s Breakfast To-don’ts
season 3
episode 34. Hide and Seek
episode 33. Sandwich Topologies
episode 32. The Real Story of Opposable Thumbs
episode 31. Most Things in the World are Broken
episode 30. The Prophet Who Peed in the Mason Jar
episode 29. We Get the Reviewers We Deserve
episode 28. Ask Jeff and Casey: Career Advice
episode 27. Toyota Tetris
episode 26. Ask Jeff and Casey: Kissin’ Cousins
episode 25. Don’t Kill the Hobo
episode 24. PAX: Saturate, Don’t Boycott
episode 23. The High Cost of Rhinos
episode 22. Pacific Rim and the Fall of Hollywood Blockbusters
episode 21. The NSA and Microsoft Excel
episode 20. Comedy and Sympathy
episode 19. Rhubarb and Refrigerator Safety
episode 18. Adobe’s New Hardware
episode 17. Robots for the Elderly, Redux
episode 16. On Seriousness and Elk Sex
episode 15. Adobe and Software Subscriptions
episode 14. Preemption, Drones, and Bad AI
episode 13. XBox One Games Regret
episode 12. XBox One
episode 11. Videogames, the NRA, and Constitutional Rights
episode 10. The True Purpose of DRM
episode 9. Runza Yelps and Elder Grifting
episode 8. On Chris Hecker’s GDC Rant
episode 7. The Evils of Non-native Programming
episode 6. On Google Morals
episode 5. Life Process Optimization
episode 4. GDC Good/No-Good
episode 3. Emasculating Google Glass
episode 2. Client-Server Rats
episode 1. Windows 8 and What To Do About It
season 2
episode 41. Thanksgivingcast 2010 — Part II
episode 40. Thanksgivingcast 2010 — Part I
episode 39. Valentine Surprise
episode 38. Epiphany
episode 37. Welcome to Planet Chad
episode 36. The Sound of the Singularity
episode 35. Cracking the Universe
episode 34. CSI: Brazillian
episode 33. Rudolph the Mutant Reindeer
episode 32. Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Gamerscore
episode 31. Robert’s Rules of Racism
episode 30. Embrace Your Inner Asshole
episode 29. Failing to Achieve the Escapism I Wanted
episode 28. Happy Seder
episode 27. Back-hump Drivers
episode 26. Sentenced to Smells Already Smelt
episode 25. The Revolutionary War was Fought on Rum
episode 24. Space Party in Zero Gravity
episode 23. The Ethics of Robot Cats Caring for the Elderly: Will They Have Lasers?
episode 22. Where’s THAT Sticker?
episode 21. The Fine Line between Regret and Frustration
episode 20. Friends on Friends
episode 19. A Tiny Girl for Tiny Crime
episode 18. Don’t Copy That — Part II
episode 17. Don’t Copy That — Part I
episode 16. Your Racist Baby
episode 15. Collective Intelligence
episode 14. Feed the Aryans
episode 13. A Little Taste of Independence
episode 12. An Awkward Way to Come Out of the Bathroom
episode 11. A Good Medicine to Have
episode 10. Romeo and Juliet on a Talking Truck
episode 9. The Dystopian Future is Now
episode 8. Captain Cannabis Attacks
episode 7. Selling Out for Sarah Palin
episode 6. You Only Need a Hole
episode 5. A Crime of Sloppiness
episode 4. The Sanctity of a Flesh-based Marriage
episode 3. 20-Inch Screws and A 80-Foot Ladder
episode 2. Small-market Superheroes
episode 1. A Dolphin You Can Bring Home to Mom
season 1
episode 52. Seventy Wasted Hours of Your Life
episode 51. Richard Attenborough Narrates a Porno
episode 50. A Camaro that Doesn’t Explode
episode 49. $16k, 100 Cases of Beer, and Several Cases of Meat
episode 48. The Vice President of Style
episode 47. A Venn Diagram of Two Things That Suck
episode 46. The Skinniest Kid at Fat Camp
episode 45. Adolph Hitler: Employee of the Month
episode 44. Oil, Coffee, and Corsets
episode 43. The Vicar’s Eleventh Toe
episode 42. Fat, Toothless, and Poor
episode 41. Rubbing a Bitch’s Teat with Love
episode 40. A Complex Relationship with Cheese
episode 39. A Donut for Everyman
episode 38. The White Trash Food Pyramid
episode 37. Every Night is a Kobayashi Maru
episode 36. The Child You Kept in the Closet
episode 35. You’re Not Using It Right
episode 34. The Tragic Choice Fatigue of David Lee Roth
episode 33. Learning to Love the Sweet Smell of Success
episode 32. The Greatest Men’s Breakfast on the Planet
episode 31. The Real Joker Never Picks Up His Cards
episode 30. A Line of Tapdancing Rats
episode 29. The Brownest Snowflake
episode 28. 007 Gets Out of His Hatchback
episode 27. The Clothes Hangar, the Uncooked Hot Dog, and the Tube of Lube
episode 26. Tapioca Zombiefest 2000 Bagel Delivery Girl
episode 25. The Tummy Returns
episode 24. Floss Like a Dentist
episode 23. A Nazi Every Night with Dinner
episode 22. An Alternate Dimension with the Worst Superhero
episode 21. The Canadian Oil Sands Company of Comedy
episode 20. The Intoxicating Scent of Flour
episode 19. A Tale of Two Weiners
episode 18. Random Acts of Rudeness
episode 17. The Choice to Kill
episode 16. An Asshole Sitting Behind a Sushi Bar
episode 15. Getting Used to Disappointment
episode 14. The Freedomcast
episode 13. Spring Break for Gay People
episode 12. The Mystery of the Disappearing Semen
episode 11. Putting Odor Back Into Communication
episode 10. T, A, and A
episode 9. The Faint Smell of Vomit
episode 8. Celebrating Your Past Failures
episode 7. A Classic F.O.E. Mistake
episode 6. Mr. T’s Stock Tip Show
episode 5. Ray Kurzweil Never Saw Fantasia
episode 4. The Manual Process of Checking the Archives
episode 3. Stretched to the Limits and Back
episode 2. There’s Only One Destination
episode 1. Waiting for a Message You Don’t Want To Hear
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