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Introducing Witness Wednesdays!
Last year, I spent about six months helping out Jonathan Blow’s team on The Witness, a groundbreaking puzzle-exploration game. I received lots of positive feedback on the Witness technical articles I posted, so I’ve decided to take the time to write a new series that chronicles everything I did on the project.
Starting tomorrow (April 16th, 2014), I will be posting a new Witness technical article every Wednesday until all the work I did is well and truly covered! The series will chronicle the development of the new grass planting system, the new editor entity management HUD, and the system that I wrote to replace The Witness’s original movement code after having probed it with Walk Monster, among myriad other topics that will sneak in along the way.
So check back here every Wednesday, or follow me on Twitter for notifications.
- Casey Muratori
2014 May 15
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