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Technician Paperback ETA
A lot of people have been asking for a print version of The Technician. I am now in a better position to give an ETA: if all goes well, January 6th.
This is my first time doing the publishing work for a book, so things were a little slower than normal. I’d made a custom pipeline for doing the digital and print typesetting, but I had focused on getting the digital part shippable first, since I figured that’d be the majority of the sales for the book. I might be wrong about that, and if so, I apologize for picking the wrong order :)
I’m mostly done with the print typesetting system now, so The Technician should be available in trade paperback format shortly. From here on out, since the system will remain in place, all future books should be ready same-day in all formats.
Well, all formats except Google Books, potentially, because I’ve had such a bad experience with their system that I’m not sure I want to continue to support them going forwards. If they don’t drastically improve their back-end, or show some kind of overwhelming positive sales numbers, I just don’t see them being an interesting ebook platform and I’m not interested in wasting my time.
- Casey Muratori
2011 December 24
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