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Brand new web engine, brand new book
2011 has been a six project year, if you can believe that. I developed a internal debugging tool for RAD Game Tools, did the assembly code for the low-level routines in the upcoming Bink 2 (and which already shipped in Gears of War 3), got Jeff and Casey Time out the door, got The Technician finished, made an eBook generator to typeset it for on-line distribution, and, last but not least, got my new web engine up and running. With such a ridiculous schedule, I have sadly not had time to post anything about any of them.
But, that’s all about to change :)
Upgrading my new web engine and getting it up to speed to replace the entire Apache/MySQL/PHP mess that is currently running the rest of is my top priority, and that will include plenty of posts to test everything out.
So please stay tuned! There should be weekly, if not daily, updates from here on out.
- Casey Muratori
2011 December 12
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